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At Sitt Consulting we provide fully integrated services in real estate with specialists in every department to provide excellent and personalized services to it clients. acquisition advisory, brokerage services, property management and financing solutions.


Provide a complete service from the beginning to the end of the transaction.
Identify the client requests.
Recommend the best opportunities.
Prepare contracts.
Cooperate with inspections and due diligence.
Revise Closing Documents with clients to close the deal.


Collect the rent.
Pay the expenses and taxes of the property
Provide assistance in the maintenance of the property.
Cooperate with evicitons.
Tax presentation for companies.


One of the most important divisions in our company is generate investments for our clients and invite them to participate in our investments.


Conventional lending with different banks.
Private lending with fast closing.

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The success of the businesses we have opened represents the great quality and professionalism that we have in our work


About Us

Sitt Restaurant Consulting assists you in developing a restaurant concept in a way that makes sure you are enjoying the creative fun parts while we nudge you in constructive ways to consider long term outcomes based on the directions you want to go. Our goal is to foster your creativity to create a restaurant concept that is effective and profitable without breaking the budget. Developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative process that connects your vision with our expertise. Our nurturing approach will provide a clear directional path to your successful launch. SRC Consulting has the experience in working with individual restaurateurs and restaurant groups managing many personalities and the success of taking the visions of those stakeholders into account to help assist in developing an overall successful restaurant design.


Ilan Santiago Sitt - Founder Of Sitt Consulting

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